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14 Moms Share The Funniest Things Their Kid Has Said to Them

14 Moms Share The Funniest Things Their Kids Has Said To Them

Kids really do say the darndest things, and no one knows that better than parents. Whether they're talking about their new sibling or barging into the bathroom, toddlers know how to do it with a sense of humor. Moms in the What to Expect community shared the funniest things their pint-sized personalities have said and the results are laugh out loud funny. 

 "'Can we call the baby indoraptor?' Apparently I am giving birth to a dinosaur."  hazelkat

“My 5-year-old told me she wants to be a bird. Not to fly around high in the air or anything cute like that. She wants to be a bird so she can poop on cars.”  Smithsa22

“When I would be laying on the couch or getting sick, I would tell my 2-year-old my belly hurt because there is a baby in my belly. The other day someone else said their belly hurt, and she goes, ‘there’s a baby in you belly?!’ Haha, I love the way their little minds work.”  krm6624

“I was in the bathroom for a while yesterday, and my 3-year-old was yelling for me in the house. I said mommy’s in the bathroom and would like privacy. She barged in and said, ‘Ok, you need privacy, I'll just watch.’” — rgarr2010

“A few days after we told my son I had a baby in my belly, I sat down with a plate of food. He stares at me for a minute and asks, ‘Mommy, you going to squish the baby with you food??’ LOL I had to explain I had a tummy for eating and a tummy for baby.”  katymariek

“My 3-year-old walked in our office as I was nursing today and sighed loudly, ‘I sure do love a boobie.’” MrsKHE

“We named our baby Christian. Our older son will only acknowledge the baby as Super Mario... The teachers asked us if Super Mario was, in fact, the baby's name.” — SoBear

 “My 23-month-old son has seen spots of milk on my shirt in the morning from colostrum. He then asks, ‘What's that Mommy?’ I said, ‘It's milk from mommy’s boobies that the baby is going to drink when he gets here.’ He then says, ‘Mommy is a cow.’ I say, ‘I'm a cow?’ ‘My cow,’ he said! Soo cute...haha” — MomToBeSBD

“My almost 2.5-year-old has merged the sentences, ‘give hug’ and ‘make up.’ So now he’ll dump all his milk on the rug, and when I get my mommy voice, he yells, ‘MAKE HUG!’ as though it makes everything better. The problem is I laugh every time he does it and can’t help giving him a hug. So now he does it for everything... Lol”  — Lovelittleones

“When I need a break, I tell my daughter that I need some mommy time. She whines, and I ask her, ‘do you want a happy mommy or a mad mommy?’ She says happy mommy and goes to play for a bit. A few months ago this happened:

Me: “You have to eat dinner.”

Anna: “I just need some warm milk mommy. I had a rough day, and I need some Anna time.”

Me: “Girl, please, sit down.”

Anna: “Do you want a happy Anna or a mad Anna, mommy?” — HisMrs2016

“My son is three and has been looking and putting his ear at my belly. Today he put his ear to my bump, and I asked what he was doing. He shushed me and said, ‘Quiet the baby is talking.’ I gave him a few seconds and asked what the baby said, and he responded, 'The baby is saying big brother get me out of here!!!’ LOL started busting out laughing.” — agpolan

“Whenever the baby cries my 4-year-old says, ‘Haha! Good luck!’ and runs away.”  kellylivingston

“My 4-year-old nephew asked to look at a ‘picture of the baby’ (my ultrasound), and then said, ‘why is it so dark in there? I think maybe she needs a light.’”  chelsmytt

“My almost 3-year-old cried when I was pumping because he doesn’t have boobies. He said, ‘I want boobies to make milk too!’ It’s a pretty amazing ability that I’ve had to explain only mommies can do. Lol!” amwr06

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