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Family child care, what is it and what are the advantages?

Family Child Care Advantages, Monday Morning Moms

What is Family Child Care?

You need to know your child is happy and safe. You want your child’s needs met by a responsible adult concerned about your child’s health, education and development. Family child care provides all this and more. Family child care is usually provided in private homes by care givers whose profession is caring for small children in addition to their own. They are not babysitters working on a temporary basis. They are devoted providers who augment their natural affinity for children with special classes and workshops.

Family Child Care Advantages:

• Small group size

• Individual attention

• One consistent caregiver

• A learning environment

• Age-appropriate activities

• Convenience

• A home setting

• A healthy atmosphere for infants, toddlers and preschoolers

A Happy Place for Children

Infants and young children enjoy the cozy, familiar home environment of family child care.

The calm, small-group setting allows them to receive individual attention from a nurturing and

attentive provider.

Monday Morning Moms Can HelpMonday Morning Moms® of Maryland, Montgomery CountyMonday Morning Moms® is a family child care management program that has been bringing parents and childcare providers together since 1992. We have developed a network of reliable care givers who provide quality child care in their homes, and we handle tasks that can be challenging for parents.

These tasks include:

• locating and screening providers,

• visiting providers on a regular basis to monitor her activities

• Providing resources for liability insurance,

• Maintaining the expense records necessary for your tax return or for flexible spending accounts through employers.

Child Care Management, Monday Morning Moms- How it Works

Every Monday Morning Moms® provider receives regular professional consultation from our staff

so she can promote the physical growth and emotional, social, cognitive development of each

child in her care. Play and learning equipment is rotated among providers so children have

access to stimulating, new activities. There are other benefits as well: For children under two years of age, family child care can cut the risk of acquiring infectious disease in half by comparison to day care centers, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Child psychologists also say small group size is the most important factor in determining the quality of child care.

Why is the Monday Morning Moms Program So Unique?

We are Selective- Only 8% of the Providers we interview and screen qualify to join our network!
We Screen ALL Providers- All of our providers in the program have had at least:
  • extensive interviewing with the Monday Morning Moms staff

  • letters of reference on file

  • physician certification of good health

  • their homes inspected for compliance with fire, health and safety standards

We Visits & Provide Support To Providers

  • Every 6 to 8 weeks each provider receives an unannounced consultation visit

  • We offer curriculum ideas and materials to support your child’s learning

  • We supplement your caregiver’s daycare with toys, books and equipment for learning ​

You Automatically Have Child Care Backup! We provide a Child Care Backup System to assure your child will have care EVERY DAY YOU NEED IT!

Stability- Our program has been operating successfully since 1992.

The providers we work with stay in the child care industry 2.6 times longer than the national average because they are carefully screened for aptitude AND because we continually provide support and resources, including supplementing with toys, books and learning equipment for your child's use!

We Offer Training Seminars for both parents and providers.

We send out Periodic Newsletters with information concerning parenting issues, child development and upcoming workshops and events.
We Maintain Records needed for your tax returns and/or employer’s flexible spending account, as well as, receipts and End-of-Year Statement for your records.

Give us a call today so we can help personally match you with the best family child care provider for your specific needs! 301-528-4616 or fill out the Child Care Inquiry Form on the website!


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