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Tips for Finding the Best Child Care for Your Family

When I needed to find a daycare for my two boys, I spent countless hours on Google, on the phone, and then visiting child care centers. I visited a couple day care centers and knew I didn't want my kids in a large, busy environment like they offered. Rather I was hoping to find a family style day care, something smaller with 1 or 2 Child Care Providers caring for children in a home. The process was time consuming, but I really wanted to find the best care possible, the right fit for our family for the health and growth of my children! This is where a child care management program, like Monday Morning Moms® can be a huge time saver.

Monday Morning Moms® personalizes your search and guides you through the process.

Monday Morning Moms Tips for Finding the Best Child Care

Once you talk to Monday Morning Moms® and they learn all about your needs, work schedule and ideals, they get to work and set up interviews with several Child Care Providers that are a good fit for your family! Monday Morning Moms® has developed a network of quality providers that offer Child Care in their homes. AND they screen and qualify the Child Care Providers and continue to support the providers with equipment, books, toys and other resources the entire time your child is in day care.

Here's a great Child Care Checklist created by Monday Morning Moms® to help you!

You can download it Here

Monday Morning Moms Child Care Checklist for Parents

I hope this list will help you in your child care quest!

You can reach Monday Morning Moms® by calling 301-528-4616 or fill out the Child Care Form on the website.


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